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Why Marketing is important? 3 steps to start creating brand Awareness

Why Marketing is important? 3 steps to start creating brand Awareness

I was talking to a potential customer just the other day, who was telling me that his business was not doing as good as he was expecting; and trust me when I tell you this company does quality work.

I then asked, “What type of marketing are you using to promote your business?” And like many other people I have come across he said, “I have no marketing but I get leads from some of my current customers”. This is a very common answer and I have met people who say they don’t need marketing and perhaps that is why they are no longer in business today.

This may be no surprise but let’s use Mc Donald’s fast food restaurants as an example. As many know Mc Donald’s is the #1 fast food chain worldwide, anyone ranging in ages of 4 or less to 99 or above years of age knows who they are. Why are they large and super successful if any random one of us can easily turn on the stove and make a burger? Well I have the answer for you…

Marketing is everything.

That’s the reason why no matter how good or bad the product or service may be, people will not know who you are or if you are in business or not. How will anyone want to purchase something from you if they don’t even know you exist? Does this make sense to you?

After several years helping customers I have realized that there are 3 vital steps that help; here they are.


1- Get a professional Logo

Please, please, please stop pretending you are a professional power point, paint or amateur Photoshop designer. I haven’t met yet a successful brand with a cheap logo.

You should think of the creation of a Logo as science and not just some type of drawing with circles and lines. Do your business a favor and invest in getting a first class type logo, this will either make you or break you.

Have you ever tried getting a job while looking unprofessional? If you have then just skip this post, maybe business is not for you my friend. However if you know that looking professional is important then you realize my point. People must find your logo attractive at the first sight and your chances of having greater success are higher. Make that first impression strong enough and stand out.


2- Get a Responsive Website for your business.

The number one mistake the majority of business owners is thinking that a business website is not important. Websites generate trust in your potential customers. If they hear about you, the first thing they will more than likely do is go to your webpage and more than likely want to do business with you. Make sure your website is responsive or includes tablet and smartphone versions so people can navigate appropriately. Do not try and become a website programmer overnight. No matter how easy you think it is, you need to understand how making a website works, how it will look good and function for the good of your business.


3- Try Social Media

Having a Facebook Page or a Twitter account is not a plus anymore. If you are in business, you better make sure that people can easily find you; the easier the better. But having a Facebook account, Twitter, Instagram or anything else is simply not enough these days. Learn how this platform works from A thru Z if you want your business to thrive.

Another step you should avoid is mixing your personal life with your business profile. If someone joins your Facebook page for example and or another social media site you may have, it’s because they are interested in your work, and not your personal life. Clients are not interested in knowing you had a good or bad day, or if your daughter likes to eat hamburgers for lunch. Nor do they want to see pictures of your grandmother visiting from out of town. If you understand this then you are on the right track when it comes to proper usage of social media for your clients.

If possible, hire a marketing specialist. They do not need to be expensive, just make sure they know what they are doing. Be sure to learn from them and share that material with others.

It’s been said that if people like you they will talk to you; but if people trust you, then they will do business with you.

Being a business owner is not for everyone but if you are, congratulations! I understand the sacrifice and efforts you have made in order to be where you are.

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