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7 Attitudes To Become A Very Successful Entrepreneur In Life

7 Attitudes To Become A Very Successful Entrepreneur In Life

I guess being successful is what every entrepreneur is after, at least that’s what I’m chasing and fighting for. I won’t go deep into what being successful means, and if money is involved or not you and only you, can determine how to measure success in your life.

As a Christian entrepreneur, one of the reasons I believe my companies are in business is because we glorify God with every action and step we take. Most important we put our skills out there to serve others and hope to one day leave a legacy for my next generations.

Well I’m not saying this will happen by itself and I’m not doing this for free either, we all have bills to pay and food to buy. We all should get what is fair and make our best effort to become a solution for ourselves and our communities, I really believe it.

With that being said, allow me to share 7 attitudes that a Successful entrepreneur must have:

1- Be Perseverant:

Success will not happen overnight and you have to be willing to hear “No thank you” as an answer. Most of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the world became successful after many failures, but they got over it and never gave up. Just don’t be quitters!

If you quit today, you will never find out if you were able to make it.

2- Be Honest:

Honesty is a value that has been missing for a long time and it’s time to bring it back. Honest people last forever, they in peace and become rich and successful in the most honorable way. To become what you have always wanted, Be Honest.

3- Help others:

Hey! We all need help one way or another. Help others to grow and you will grow too. Networking is one of the powerful marketing strategies of all ages; most of the big opportunities come by who you know and that only happen if you’re willing to help.

“My biggest blessing during this crazy year, has been donate jobs to different causes that I trust and believe in. We do what we love; marketing. We have fun and we help others. If you have the opportunity to do something for others, do it. You will see blessings knocking at your door.”

4- Exercise your mind:

The most powerful muscle in your entire body is your brain. 86% of wealthy people read at least 30 minutes a day and believe that self-education is the only way to improve and acquire valuable knowledge.

Get yourself a good book and start reading, you will see how your mind will start to shine. You will take better decisions and the panorama will start to clear for you.

5- Workout and eat healthy:

Wake up early or make time during the day. It is very important that we work out and eat right. As entrepreneurs our lives go 1000 miles per hour every day, 24/7. We are always chasing the next project, chasing the next customer, thinking how to improve some process and how to achieve some goals. But our mind and our body needs to be strong, needs to be healthy, they need to last!

Get professional help if possible, get some nutritional knowledge and tips on how to eat healthy, and schedule at least 30 minutes a day 4 times a week to workout.


6- Set Goals

Setting goals is what we do daily as entrepreneurs. We know exactly how the day must end and what we must achieve by a certain time. Setting goals is what keeps us motivated. If you’re not setting very specific goals, including, what, when, how, why etc. you need to start doing it. Start with something small, like making 50 calls a day, or waking 30 minutes early to read.

Always start with something measurable.

7- Turn off Your TV

Please people, turn off the TV. My wife and I have decided not to have a TV at this time, and guess what?

We’re reading more, we are talking more to each other, we have more time at night to watch movies on the computer, we have dinner together, etc.

If you have kids, read with them, spend time with your family and friends, walk your dog, and do something that can fill your soul of peace and hope.

How many people are anxious to leave their jobs each day to go home just to watch a favorite TV show? Where is the family, kids, pets, books and friends?


Sorry if this blog was a little bit longer than usual, but I know it was worth to write about this. Never forget that for an entrepreneur, the circle of life that for many starts by arriving on earth, school, work, marriage, children, and death does not apply to us.

We are born; go to school, one day find that we want to become entrepreneurs and reaching that stage all we want is to build our future, no matter what it takes!

” Success is not an option, make it happen “

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