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5 Ways Business Will Have To Adapt To The New Marketing Era

5 Ways Business Will Have To Adapt To The New Marketing Era

Finally the holidays are gone, and is time to go back to our daily lives. So before anything else, I would like to wish you the best for this 2015, and hopefully we can look back in a couple of months and realize how much we grow and achieve during this upcoming year.

My Christmas was great, one of the presents I got from my wife was Duct Tape Marketing written by one of my favourite authors John Jantsch (Follow John on twitter as @ducttape, and make sure you buy his book), and it is amazing the way he explains how business had been made to adapt to this new era on marketing.

John accurately explains how business had become what he calls O2O (Online to Offline) which means driving traffic from internet.

Here are 5 ways business has been made to adapt to this new era.

1.- Using Advertising to create Brand Awareness:

In the past, advertising was used to generate sales, the ads were made specifically to tell you how much, and where to buy the advertised product.

Today Advertising is used to generate awareness about web content, now everything is about benefits, that’s why the advertising you have to use has to be way better and smarter than what it used to be 10 years ago.

2.- The transformation of SEO

When we started using SEO as a tool, we used to optimized a website to earn a better ranking on the web. Now with Google new algorithms all that is gone!  Now business owners needs to pay attention on a more integrated strategy to reach more audience using several platforms at the same time.

Now your website still being your house, but you have to make sure that your social media, blog, video ads , etc generate enough visitors and deliver enough QUALITY content to your target audience in order to generate trust and convert more leads into qualified customers.

3.- Broadcasting vs Being Found

Back in the days all you had to do was to get a spot on prime TV, get a spot on radio and once in a while post your ad on the local newspaper and if you have enough budget get a billboard.

As I said, that is “Back in the days”. Not anymore, now people as soon as they hear something they may be interested in, the immediately go for detailed information to Google, find the website, read testimonies, go to Facebook to read reviews, twitter to read comments, YouTube to learn how it works and what are the benefits, and if you’re not there…well chances are you’re not getting the business!

Now more than ever, it is key to any business success to be found online! BE FOUND! Make sure your content is the right place at the right time, with the right information, quality information.

4.-  Sales calls vs Web information

I have been in sales for over 15 years, and I’m sure we all remember those days when your sales sheet were around 100 names and phone numbers to reach and present a speech over the phone.

Well those days are about to disappear, agree or not with this point, we have enough fact to say that lead conversion has become about valuable web information and smart call to actions.

Let me tell you this pretty quick. When we started Mile77 we never thought to get customers from other cities or other countries this fast. And when we start receiving inquires from customers around the world, we realize the 100% of those who contact us for our services, they found us on Instagram, or YouTube, or Facebook, then they visited our website, filled the form, and we got warm leads to call and close! Just like that!

5.- The new referrals

Referrals has always been great for business, they used to be just a recommendation that pretty much will trust what they hear form someone they knew and they will do business with you at blind eyes.

Not any more, word of mouth still being for me the most powerful form of advertising BUT! Now, today,  they want proof of what they hear. So they will go online for reviews, testimonies, case of studies, etc!

*Bonus Physical Store Vs Online Store

When I was dating my wife before we got married, I used to buy flowers for her at this place in our born city. Then we moved to Houston and sometimes on birthdays or special occasions I find myself in the need of sending flowers to our grandmas or friends, and I wanted from that specific store.

Well I was able to do it because they have an online store also, how great is to generate sales from people who is not walking in the store, who are miles and miles away from where you are but thanks to internet and your vision of growth is able to buy from you like if they were right there at your shop!

Marketing is always in evolution so don’t stay behind! There are tons of people waiting for what you have to offer, just make sure you deliver the message to them.

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