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5 Steps To Join The Entrepreneur Re-Evolution

5 Steps To Join The Entrepreneur Re-Evolution

It has been said that we are a reflection of our own thoughts; however they will not take us beyond our imagination.

If you are reading this blog, you are either a business owner or just really interested in learning about the success of business. Whichever of the two resembles you, we are happy you have joined us. Keep reading.

As an entrepreneur you will never completely have everyone satisfied. Every single person you may come across will have different expectations, views and goals for you to fulfil, but know that they are not entirely on the same page as you are.

The reason is fairly simple; their mind set is focused on thinking “traditionally”. You are born, go to school, you work, have a family, and then as life leads on it eventually comes to an end. Not that exciting, right? Well, if you have the mind set of an entrepreneur, your focus needs to be, should be, completely different. As entrepreneurs we are here to leave a legacy, change lives, and improve this generation in hopes that others grow and improve as well.

If you are a new business owner or are looking for a starting point, join the entrepreneur re-evolution by following these 5 simple steps.

1- Set Goals:

 Start of by creating short goals. Make goals that you can accomplish in one or two days and follow the objective.

Then Start Creating Goals based on your dream but these times do 3 to 6 months. Write down each detail as you go along so that in the process you can follow the necessary steps in order to accomplish your final goal.

Lastly Set the big picture, from 1 to 10 years; no matter the time frame you set this is the “ Set Goal Cycle “.

The idea is to start off small and think big as you go along. Separate the pieces of the puzzle each time and you will notice that it gets easier as you look back. Everything will start falling into place as soon as you focus by taking one step at a time.

2- Surround your Life around your Dreams:

If you want to accomplish a goal you may have but you aren’t going in the right direction to fulfill this, perhaps you should change some things around in order to do so. For example, if your dream is to become a photographer but you have never taken a course, nor have a camera then you are nowhere near becoming a photographer. Point made? Same goes for being the best landscaper in town or having the best burger joint in the business; it won’t happen until you allow your dream come to reality.

Have I explained myself? I ask because I find this very important.

“If you want something go for it, literally GO GET IT!”

3- Learn and keep learning:

Read, read and read again! I have come across people at times that consider themselves professionals within their fields yet when I ask what their favorite authors are they automatically are clueless or just try and change the topic.

Learning is a never ending process, and the world is changing so fast that if you’re not on the top of your game, sooner than later you will be obsolete. Just look at these facts.

-An Average American only reads one book a year, ONE BOOK A YEAR, but sadly the 60% only read the first chapter. This is not a joke, this is true.


-Meanwhile a CEO reads 4 to 6 books a Month. This means a CEO reads 60 times more than the average American. Maybe that explains part of their success.

Now you know why all the issues and lack of knowledge people have these days, right?

If you are a business owner, or plan to be an entrepreneur please READ, and never stop learning. While you keep learning you will realize there is much more knowledge to acquire; knowledge is the best investment in this life.

*Statistics taken from What All Great Leaders Have In Common by Mike Myatt


 4- Learn To Fail:

The best way to learn something that will last a lifetime is by failing.

Not necessarily to go out and fail, but I am saying that there will be a time in your life when things are going to become complicated and tough moments will arise. Life is not perfect; in fact we sometimes live a complex adventure. In those moments, allow failure as a tool to grow.

All too often I have failed but it has helped me learn to get back on my feet and keep on going. Today I have experience that helps me understand the difficult moments that now make me stronger than what I once was. No matter how many times you fail, there is always an opportunity to improve waiting for you.


5- Dream Big:

If the dream you have does not scare you somehow, then it is not a big enough dream. Ask yourself this; Try and succeed, or possibly fail? Or never try and automatically have failures be default and just wonder, “What If” the rest of your life?

What would you do, if you knew failure is not an option? Whatever your answer, it is the right answer.

The brain is the strongest weapon a human body can have. If you learn to control your mind it will help you focus on what you want and understand the path to follow.

When you set goals and dream big, it’s as if your energy is being renewed.

Not one person has the authority to discourage you from reaching your goal. This is your life, go out and do what you’ve set yourself to accomplish.

Remember this; Anyone can live traditionally as we spoke about before, but if you really want to make a difference, go for it conquer what I call the Entrepreneur Re-Evolution!

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