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5 Books Every Young Entrepreneur Should Read

5 Books Every Young Entrepreneur Should Read

I know that as an entrepreneur it is important to have a mentor. I particularly don’t have one, perhaps because I haven’t found one yet but I do understand the importance and will find one soon.

Even though I have not had a mentor over the past ten years, I have become a book eater and am obsessed with the idea of finding the best business and marketing books. I read as much and as fast as possible to jump to the next book.

Usually I have a waiting list of around 5 to 10 books in average; the reason is because it’s perfectly clear that the more you know the less you know. Also that constantly learning is the only way to take wise decisions when the situations come.

That’s why today I would like to share the top five books I consider every entrepreneur should read.

 1- 13 Secrets of World Class Achievers by Vic Johnson.

Mindset is everything. The most fearless battles happen in our minds. A strong mindset able to overcome any adversity will guarantee you to get really close to succeed in any aspect of your life.


2- Sell to Survive by Grant Cardone

“ One week they love me, next week they hate me, both weeks I get paid” Said Grant. I won’t lie to you, this guy could be arrogant 99% of the time, but honestly he is by far one of my favourite authors. People like mediocrity to excuse themselves of their failures; this guy is the complete opposite, so am I.

It is simple, life is a market and we all need something. We need to convince someone that we have what they desire, negotiate and close the deal. I can keep going and going about this book, but I will let you read it first.


3- 10x Rule by Grand Cardone

I told you, I love this guy! He doesn’t know me yet but he’s changed my business mindset and I am sure it will change or impact yours.

10x Rule is a fascinating book full of motivation and truth. As humans we tend to regulate and control our efforts and try to keep it as close as possible to the “enough” line. That’s why there is a big difference between winners and legends.


 4- New Sales Simplified by Mike Weinberg

By far one of the most easy to read books I have ever read. Mike goes straight to the point where most companies and sales departments fail. I have been in sales and marketing for over 13 years now and what Mike explains here is just WOW for me. If I would have known this at the beginning of my career, trust me I would become a Superstar right away.


5- Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port

No customers = no sales, No sales = no money, no money well you know the story. In this book Michael perfectly explains the generating prospects and customers cycle.

And gives you a very well detailed panorama of how to keep your agenda always full with new customers which lead you to a wealthy business life.

As you can see these are my top 5 books, of course there are plenty more authors contributing with amazing values to business and entrepreneurship as well as marketing.

As I explain a few weeks ago during a speech I gave at Houston School of Massage about marketing. I was explaining that becoming a marketing expert may not be an obligation for most of entrepreneurs because that’s what the marketing agencies are for. We provide solutions in that particular area.

But train themselves with a strong mindset and dominate the art of selling, become masters of booking and retaining customers, that’s by far their number one priority. As an entrepreneur you can’t simply stand at your desk waiting for the next customer as if it is a huge bank with customers coming in and out all the time.

We need to control the entire process from beginning to end and really understand it. That’s why my final advice that day was “Never, ever quit learning, Ever” your future depends on your ability to adapt and grow to every change in business, and the only way to be at the top of the game is always being educated.

Enjoy the books, and let me know if you liked as much as I did.

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