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5 Ways To Attract More Traffic To Your Website

5 Ways To Attract More Traffic To Your Website

Having a website this days is not a luxury any more  for any business, no matter the size of the business, you need to be online and make sure you can get found quick.

At the agency we deal every day with small and medium sizes business with brand new or really old websites chasing the same goal. Attract traffic to their websites and generate new leads and convert more sales.

But most of them face the same problem, lack of knowledge to determine what to do with their websites and social media profiles, and lack of time to learn and generate content or update their website on a daily basics.

This is why I consider very important to at least understand and consider this 5 ways to generate more traffic to your website:

1.- Create and Promote A Blog

Starting a blog not only gives you the benefit of positioning  you and your company as an authority on your field, but also increase the amount of traffic generated and re-directed to your website.

I encourage you to at least post one blog a week about interesting topics your customers could find attractive and educative. The main point of a blog is to share and educate future prospects and earn their trust.

Make sure your blog is inside your website or linked to your website to make it even more effective.

If you don’t have a blog, GET HELP, AND START ONE!

2.- Social Media Marketing

Social Media is key player when sharing information, if you’re not using Social Media to connect with more people and educate future prospects or just to be in touch with current customers, please STOP! Reading right now and open your twitter, Facebook, Instagram Linkedin, Pinterest and Google + account right now!

Is very important to understand that social media is to SHARE information, to EDUCATE customers and to GENERATE, trust. With social media marketing people get to know you, like you and trust you, by the time you want to sell them something, they’re sold already.

We get leads every day from different social media accounts telling us they like what we are posting or that they saw a picture that inspired them and they ask for a quote and most of the time we close those deals, Why? Because we previously earned their trust.

3.- Key Word Research

We all use search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo to find products, companies and services trough the web. Make sure you develop your content around those keywords, this will make your website most likely to be found online. Make your keyword research in order to determine which words are your best choice to use.

The reason to have a website is to be found online, generate trust and earn new follower,fans and customers.  Make sure you can be found!


4.- Page Optimization

Optimization is very important aspects of being found online, is not what you see the only thing that matters, but the optimization that is behind what you see is what makes the difference between being on the first and second page of Google.

Many companies have only their first page optimized in all aspects, design, code, description, key words, images etc, and don’t put as much attention as needed on the rest of the pages, this make a website to be weak and poor for search engine results.

5.- Link Building

I’m sure link building is the most unconsidered aspect of this 5, this days. People create their website, and social media accounts and that’s it.

That’s why blogging is very important, it generate links to your website on every blog article you post.

Find ways to generate more links, find a way to be guest author on someone else blog, share as many links of your website and content as possible ( always valuable content ) so people can share your post and you will be spreading information about your business on the web.

Today we have prospect who’s main problem is that they have a not well created and designed website and their business depends on being found online, and actually you cant’ find them. They are facing financial issues due this situation. We will apply this 5 aspects if we get hired, and prepare a case of study and share the results with you. Keep in touch will let you know soon more about this future customer of us.

5 Steps To Join The Entrepreneur Re-Evolution

5 Steps To Join The Entrepreneur Re-Evolution

It has been said that we are a reflection of our own thoughts; however they will not take us beyond our imagination.

If you are reading this blog, you are either a business owner or just really interested in learning about the success of business. Whichever of the two resembles you, we are happy you have joined us. Keep reading.

As an entrepreneur you will never completely have everyone satisfied. Every single person you may come across will have different expectations, views and goals for you to fulfil, but know that they are not entirely on the same page as you are.

The reason is fairly simple; their mind set is focused on thinking “traditionally”. You are born, go to school, you work, have a family, and then as life leads on it eventually comes to an end. Not that exciting, right? Well, if you have the mind set of an entrepreneur, your focus needs to be, should be, completely different. As entrepreneurs we are here to leave a legacy, change lives, and improve this generation in hopes that others grow and improve as well.

If you are a new business owner or are looking for a starting point, join the entrepreneur re-evolution by following these 5 simple steps.

1- Set Goals:

 Start of by creating short goals. Make goals that you can accomplish in one or two days and follow the objective.

Then Start Creating Goals based on your dream but these times do 3 to 6 months. Write down each detail as you go along so that in the process you can follow the necessary steps in order to accomplish your final goal.

Lastly Set the big picture, from 1 to 10 years; no matter the time frame you set this is the “ Set Goal Cycle “.

The idea is to start off small and think big as you go along. Separate the pieces of the puzzle each time and you will notice that it gets easier as you look back. Everything will start falling into place as soon as you focus by taking one step at a time.

2- Surround your Life around your Dreams:

If you want to accomplish a goal you may have but you aren’t going in the right direction to fulfill this, perhaps you should change some things around in order to do so. For example, if your dream is to become a photographer but you have never taken a course, nor have a camera then you are nowhere near becoming a photographer. Point made? Same goes for being the best landscaper in town or having the best burger joint in the business; it won’t happen until you allow your dream come to reality.

Have I explained myself? I ask because I find this very important.

“If you want something go for it, literally GO GET IT!”

3- Learn and keep learning:

Read, read and read again! I have come across people at times that consider themselves professionals within their fields yet when I ask what their favorite authors are they automatically are clueless or just try and change the topic.

Learning is a never ending process, and the world is changing so fast that if you’re not on the top of your game, sooner than later you will be obsolete. Just look at these facts.

-An Average American only reads one book a year, ONE BOOK A YEAR, but sadly the 60% only read the first chapter. This is not a joke, this is true.


-Meanwhile a CEO reads 4 to 6 books a Month. This means a CEO reads 60 times more than the average American. Maybe that explains part of their success.

Now you know why all the issues and lack of knowledge people have these days, right?

If you are a business owner, or plan to be an entrepreneur please READ, and never stop learning. While you keep learning you will realize there is much more knowledge to acquire; knowledge is the best investment in this life.

*Statistics taken from What All Great Leaders Have In Common by Mike Myatt


 4- Learn To Fail:

The best way to learn something that will last a lifetime is by failing.

Not necessarily to go out and fail, but I am saying that there will be a time in your life when things are going to become complicated and tough moments will arise. Life is not perfect; in fact we sometimes live a complex adventure. In those moments, allow failure as a tool to grow.

All too often I have failed but it has helped me learn to get back on my feet and keep on going. Today I have experience that helps me understand the difficult moments that now make me stronger than what I once was. No matter how many times you fail, there is always an opportunity to improve waiting for you.


5- Dream Big:

If the dream you have does not scare you somehow, then it is not a big enough dream. Ask yourself this; Try and succeed, or possibly fail? Or never try and automatically have failures be default and just wonder, “What If” the rest of your life?

What would you do, if you knew failure is not an option? Whatever your answer, it is the right answer.

The brain is the strongest weapon a human body can have. If you learn to control your mind it will help you focus on what you want and understand the path to follow.

When you set goals and dream big, it’s as if your energy is being renewed.

Not one person has the authority to discourage you from reaching your goal. This is your life, go out and do what you’ve set yourself to accomplish.

Remember this; Anyone can live traditionally as we spoke about before, but if you really want to make a difference, go for it conquer what I call the Entrepreneur Re-Evolution!

5 Books Every Young Entrepreneur Should Read

5 Books Every Young Entrepreneur Should Read

I know that as an entrepreneur it is important to have a mentor. I particularly don’t have one, perhaps because I haven’t found one yet but I do understand the importance and will find one soon.

Even though I have not had a mentor over the past ten years, I have become a book eater and am obsessed with the idea of finding the best business and marketing books. I read as much and as fast as possible to jump to the next book.

Usually I have a waiting list of around 5 to 10 books in average; the reason is because it’s perfectly clear that the more you know the less you know. Also that constantly learning is the only way to take wise decisions when the situations come.

That’s why today I would like to share the top five books I consider every entrepreneur should read.

 1- 13 Secrets of World Class Achievers by Vic Johnson.

Mindset is everything. The most fearless battles happen in our minds. A strong mindset able to overcome any adversity will guarantee you to get really close to succeed in any aspect of your life.


2- Sell to Survive by Grant Cardone

“ One week they love me, next week they hate me, both weeks I get paid” Said Grant. I won’t lie to you, this guy could be arrogant 99% of the time, but honestly he is by far one of my favourite authors. People like mediocrity to excuse themselves of their failures; this guy is the complete opposite, so am I.

It is simple, life is a market and we all need something. We need to convince someone that we have what they desire, negotiate and close the deal. I can keep going and going about this book, but I will let you read it first.


3- 10x Rule by Grand Cardone

I told you, I love this guy! He doesn’t know me yet but he’s changed my business mindset and I am sure it will change or impact yours.

10x Rule is a fascinating book full of motivation and truth. As humans we tend to regulate and control our efforts and try to keep it as close as possible to the “enough” line. That’s why there is a big difference between winners and legends.


 4- New Sales Simplified by Mike Weinberg

By far one of the most easy to read books I have ever read. Mike goes straight to the point where most companies and sales departments fail. I have been in sales and marketing for over 13 years now and what Mike explains here is just WOW for me. If I would have known this at the beginning of my career, trust me I would become a Superstar right away.


5- Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port

No customers = no sales, No sales = no money, no money well you know the story. In this book Michael perfectly explains the generating prospects and customers cycle.

And gives you a very well detailed panorama of how to keep your agenda always full with new customers which lead you to a wealthy business life.

As you can see these are my top 5 books, of course there are plenty more authors contributing with amazing values to business and entrepreneurship as well as marketing.

As I explain a few weeks ago during a speech I gave at Houston School of Massage about marketing. I was explaining that becoming a marketing expert may not be an obligation for most of entrepreneurs because that’s what the marketing agencies are for. We provide solutions in that particular area.

But train themselves with a strong mindset and dominate the art of selling, become masters of booking and retaining customers, that’s by far their number one priority. As an entrepreneur you can’t simply stand at your desk waiting for the next customer as if it is a huge bank with customers coming in and out all the time.

We need to control the entire process from beginning to end and really understand it. That’s why my final advice that day was “Never, ever quit learning, Ever” your future depends on your ability to adapt and grow to every change in business, and the only way to be at the top of the game is always being educated.

Enjoy the books, and let me know if you liked as much as I did.

Why Marketing is important? 3 steps to start creating brand Awareness

Why Marketing is important? 3 steps to start creating brand Awareness

I was talking to a potential customer just the other day, who was telling me that his business was not doing as good as he was expecting; and trust me when I tell you this company does quality work.

I then asked, “What type of marketing are you using to promote your business?” And like many other people I have come across he said, “I have no marketing but I get leads from some of my current customers”. This is a very common answer and I have met people who say they don’t need marketing and perhaps that is why they are no longer in business today.

This may be no surprise but let’s use Mc Donald’s fast food restaurants as an example. As many know Mc Donald’s is the #1 fast food chain worldwide, anyone ranging in ages of 4 or less to 99 or above years of age knows who they are. Why are they large and super successful if any random one of us can easily turn on the stove and make a burger? Well I have the answer for you…

Marketing is everything.

That’s the reason why no matter how good or bad the product or service may be, people will not know who you are or if you are in business or not. How will anyone want to purchase something from you if they don’t even know you exist? Does this make sense to you?

After several years helping customers I have realized that there are 3 vital steps that help; here they are.


1- Get a professional Logo

Please, please, please stop pretending you are a professional power point, paint or amateur Photoshop designer. I haven’t met yet a successful brand with a cheap logo.

You should think of the creation of a Logo as science and not just some type of drawing with circles and lines. Do your business a favor and invest in getting a first class type logo, this will either make you or break you.

Have you ever tried getting a job while looking unprofessional? If you have then just skip this post, maybe business is not for you my friend. However if you know that looking professional is important then you realize my point. People must find your logo attractive at the first sight and your chances of having greater success are higher. Make that first impression strong enough and stand out.


2- Get a Responsive Website for your business.

The number one mistake the majority of business owners is thinking that a business website is not important. Websites generate trust in your potential customers. If they hear about you, the first thing they will more than likely do is go to your webpage and more than likely want to do business with you. Make sure your website is responsive or includes tablet and smartphone versions so people can navigate appropriately. Do not try and become a website programmer overnight. No matter how easy you think it is, you need to understand how making a website works, how it will look good and function for the good of your business.


3- Try Social Media

Having a Facebook Page or a Twitter account is not a plus anymore. If you are in business, you better make sure that people can easily find you; the easier the better. But having a Facebook account, Twitter, Instagram or anything else is simply not enough these days. Learn how this platform works from A thru Z if you want your business to thrive.

Another step you should avoid is mixing your personal life with your business profile. If someone joins your Facebook page for example and or another social media site you may have, it’s because they are interested in your work, and not your personal life. Clients are not interested in knowing you had a good or bad day, or if your daughter likes to eat hamburgers for lunch. Nor do they want to see pictures of your grandmother visiting from out of town. If you understand this then you are on the right track when it comes to proper usage of social media for your clients.

If possible, hire a marketing specialist. They do not need to be expensive, just make sure they know what they are doing. Be sure to learn from them and share that material with others.

It’s been said that if people like you they will talk to you; but if people trust you, then they will do business with you.

Being a business owner is not for everyone but if you are, congratulations! I understand the sacrifice and efforts you have made in order to be where you are.

7 Attitudes To Become A Very Successful Entrepreneur In Life

7 Attitudes To Become A Very Successful Entrepreneur In Life

I guess being successful is what every entrepreneur is after, at least that’s what I’m chasing and fighting for. I won’t go deep into what being successful means, and if money is involved or not you and only you, can determine how to measure success in your life.

As a Christian entrepreneur, one of the reasons I believe my companies are in business is because we glorify God with every action and step we take. Most important we put our skills out there to serve others and hope to one day leave a legacy for my next generations.

Well I’m not saying this will happen by itself and I’m not doing this for free either, we all have bills to pay and food to buy. We all should get what is fair and make our best effort to become a solution for ourselves and our communities, I really believe it.

With that being said, allow me to share 7 attitudes that a Successful entrepreneur must have:

1- Be Perseverant:

Success will not happen overnight and you have to be willing to hear “No thank you” as an answer. Most of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the world became successful after many failures, but they got over it and never gave up. Just don’t be quitters!

If you quit today, you will never find out if you were able to make it.

2- Be Honest:

Honesty is a value that has been missing for a long time and it’s time to bring it back. Honest people last forever, they in peace and become rich and successful in the most honorable way. To become what you have always wanted, Be Honest.

3- Help others:

Hey! We all need help one way or another. Help others to grow and you will grow too. Networking is one of the powerful marketing strategies of all ages; most of the big opportunities come by who you know and that only happen if you’re willing to help.

“My biggest blessing during this crazy year, has been donate jobs to different causes that I trust and believe in. We do what we love; marketing. We have fun and we help others. If you have the opportunity to do something for others, do it. You will see blessings knocking at your door.”

4- Exercise your mind:

The most powerful muscle in your entire body is your brain. 86% of wealthy people read at least 30 minutes a day and believe that self-education is the only way to improve and acquire valuable knowledge.

Get yourself a good book and start reading, you will see how your mind will start to shine. You will take better decisions and the panorama will start to clear for you.

5- Workout and eat healthy:

Wake up early or make time during the day. It is very important that we work out and eat right. As entrepreneurs our lives go 1000 miles per hour every day, 24/7. We are always chasing the next project, chasing the next customer, thinking how to improve some process and how to achieve some goals. But our mind and our body needs to be strong, needs to be healthy, they need to last!

Get professional help if possible, get some nutritional knowledge and tips on how to eat healthy, and schedule at least 30 minutes a day 4 times a week to workout.


6- Set Goals

Setting goals is what we do daily as entrepreneurs. We know exactly how the day must end and what we must achieve by a certain time. Setting goals is what keeps us motivated. If you’re not setting very specific goals, including, what, when, how, why etc. you need to start doing it. Start with something small, like making 50 calls a day, or waking 30 minutes early to read.

Always start with something measurable.

7- Turn off Your TV

Please people, turn off the TV. My wife and I have decided not to have a TV at this time, and guess what?

We’re reading more, we are talking more to each other, we have more time at night to watch movies on the computer, we have dinner together, etc.

If you have kids, read with them, spend time with your family and friends, walk your dog, and do something that can fill your soul of peace and hope.

How many people are anxious to leave their jobs each day to go home just to watch a favorite TV show? Where is the family, kids, pets, books and friends?


Sorry if this blog was a little bit longer than usual, but I know it was worth to write about this. Never forget that for an entrepreneur, the circle of life that for many starts by arriving on earth, school, work, marriage, children, and death does not apply to us.

We are born; go to school, one day find that we want to become entrepreneurs and reaching that stage all we want is to build our future, no matter what it takes!

” Success is not an option, make it happen “

5 Ways Business Will Have To Adapt To The New Marketing Era

5 Ways Business Will Have To Adapt To The New Marketing Era

Finally the holidays are gone, and is time to go back to our daily lives. So before anything else, I would like to wish you the best for this 2015, and hopefully we can look back in a couple of months and realize how much we grow and achieve during this upcoming year.

My Christmas was great, one of the presents I got from my wife was Duct Tape Marketing written by one of my favourite authors John Jantsch (Follow John on twitter as @ducttape, and make sure you buy his book), and it is amazing the way he explains how business had been made to adapt to this new era on marketing.

John accurately explains how business had become what he calls O2O (Online to Offline) which means driving traffic from internet.

Here are 5 ways business has been made to adapt to this new era.

1.- Using Advertising to create Brand Awareness:

In the past, advertising was used to generate sales, the ads were made specifically to tell you how much, and where to buy the advertised product.

Today Advertising is used to generate awareness about web content, now everything is about benefits, that’s why the advertising you have to use has to be way better and smarter than what it used to be 10 years ago.

2.- The transformation of SEO

When we started using SEO as a tool, we used to optimized a website to earn a better ranking on the web. Now with Google new algorithms all that is gone!  Now business owners needs to pay attention on a more integrated strategy to reach more audience using several platforms at the same time.

Now your website still being your house, but you have to make sure that your social media, blog, video ads , etc generate enough visitors and deliver enough QUALITY content to your target audience in order to generate trust and convert more leads into qualified customers.

3.- Broadcasting vs Being Found

Back in the days all you had to do was to get a spot on prime TV, get a spot on radio and once in a while post your ad on the local newspaper and if you have enough budget get a billboard.

As I said, that is “Back in the days”. Not anymore, now people as soon as they hear something they may be interested in, the immediately go for detailed information to Google, find the website, read testimonies, go to Facebook to read reviews, twitter to read comments, YouTube to learn how it works and what are the benefits, and if you’re not there…well chances are you’re not getting the business!

Now more than ever, it is key to any business success to be found online! BE FOUND! Make sure your content is the right place at the right time, with the right information, quality information.

4.-  Sales calls vs Web information

I have been in sales for over 15 years, and I’m sure we all remember those days when your sales sheet were around 100 names and phone numbers to reach and present a speech over the phone.

Well those days are about to disappear, agree or not with this point, we have enough fact to say that lead conversion has become about valuable web information and smart call to actions.

Let me tell you this pretty quick. When we started Mile77 we never thought to get customers from other cities or other countries this fast. And when we start receiving inquires from customers around the world, we realize the 100% of those who contact us for our services, they found us on Instagram, or YouTube, or Facebook, then they visited our website, filled the form, and we got warm leads to call and close! Just like that!

5.- The new referrals

Referrals has always been great for business, they used to be just a recommendation that pretty much will trust what they hear form someone they knew and they will do business with you at blind eyes.

Not any more, word of mouth still being for me the most powerful form of advertising BUT! Now, today,  they want proof of what they hear. So they will go online for reviews, testimonies, case of studies, etc!

*Bonus Physical Store Vs Online Store

When I was dating my wife before we got married, I used to buy flowers for her at this place in our born city. Then we moved to Houston and sometimes on birthdays or special occasions I find myself in the need of sending flowers to our grandmas or friends, and I wanted from that specific store.

Well I was able to do it because they have an online store also, how great is to generate sales from people who is not walking in the store, who are miles and miles away from where you are but thanks to internet and your vision of growth is able to buy from you like if they were right there at your shop!

Marketing is always in evolution so don’t stay behind! There are tons of people waiting for what you have to offer, just make sure you deliver the message to them.

5 Ways To Get More Attention Using Social Media

5 Ways To Get More Attention Using Social Media

Social Media is a way to be in touch with current and future customers, but it is very important to understand that is not the base of any marketing strategy, that your website must remain solid and updated and that we are going to use social media to deliver a message and generate a reaction from the audience.

To do that here you have 5 ways to gain more attention and generate more leads:

1.-  Be Authentic

Is hard to find authentic and honest content on social media this days. People is tired of watching the same videos, the same content, the same ideas over and over again.

When sharing your content always ask yourself. Would I share this with my friends and colleagues? Would I like this post? If your answer is No, then don’t post that, instead find something relevant to share with your audience.


2.- Educate Your Audience

On the Selling process, known, like, trust buy, repeat, referrer. People find valuable content that generate trust before buying. These days with information flooding the media it is imperative to educate your current and future customers with new ways to improve their life and business using your products or services and giving them tips to generate solutions for their needs.

Make sure you are very specific on what you want to share and achieve and go straight to the point. Consider this as your elevator speech, no more than 60 seconds in length and you will generate full attention to your posts.


3.-  Generate Presence

Having a Facebook profile this days or a twitter account is not enough, at least make sure you have a profile on the top social media channels. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google + and Youtube. And understand how each channel works and interact with their users.

Your post on Facebook wouldn’t work the same on LinkedIn or Pinterest and vice versa. If you feel you need more help with this point visit www.mile77.net and find valuable tips and ways to generate more traffic using social media.


4.- Use Analytics

As I mentioned on point #3, what works on one channel may or may not work in another. But what you should be doing is tracking your success by using the analytics that each tool offers. You will learn what, when, and which formats your people like your post better. For example: If you post a 30 sec length video you can generate around 3,000 views within 5 minutes, rather than 3 views from the same content in text format or a picture. This is not a rule, that’s why you have to analyze how your audience is reacting to you.


5.- Convert

On point #2 I mentioned about the selling process. Focus on generating trust and making sure that what you offer will provide a solution for your customers needs. Identify your target market, understand whom are you talking to, and generate content for that specific audience. Once you have their attention don’t forget to add a call to action, like subscribing to your newsletter, or sending a question or inquire.

Your goal is to open a communication channel between you and your prospects and keep it open to create a lasting relationship.